One of the key strengths of ROAM is its flexibility.

  • multiple items can be setup in any of seven categories and packages
  • each item can have multiple rates and prices and daily schedules
  • items can be your own or shared with third-party partners
  • multiple currencies are available
  • multiple companies are handled by ROAM

Mailing List

The mailing list is the centre of ROAM’s comprehensive marketing system, utilizing data for email campaigns and follow-up. All information regarding an individual is recorded, including name, address, email, telephone numbers, and demographic information such as gender, marital status, occupation, and more.
To streamline mailings to a household, mailing list entries can be part of a family. A family is comprised of a head of household, spouse, and up to eight dependents. Each family member has his or her own customer number, but is filed under the head of household. One family member is usually designated to receive mailings. When a dependent moves away from his or her family of origin, he or she can be made the head of a new household.

ROAM maintains all international dialling codes and all Canadian and U.S. postal/zip codes.


ROAM has an extensive list of item types:


  • activities are events occurring on a scheduled or random basis
  • activities can have multiple start times per day with time limits


  • ROAM can book any type of lodging including individual beds
  • assign units at reservation time or pre-arrival
  • pricing based on people, rooms, or a combination


  • rent items for fixed or unscheduled time periods
  • inventory control prevents overbooking
  • pricing by the hour, day, week, person or item


  • either a-la-carte, or included with other items, or as part of a package
  • tips can be automatically included


  • charge any retail item to a reservation whether or not you use ROAM’s retail Point-of-sale module


  • record guest travel information
  • charge for shuttles
  • record dates, times and in-bound/out-bound flights


  • a catch-all to charge for any item not in the above categories
  • charge per person or flat rate


  • book any combination of item types from fixed items to completely customized or all inclusive
  • add additional items on-the-fly
  • prices can be pre-specified or determined by the reservationist

Roster and Waivers

Rosters record which guests participate in which activities and track the history of all participants. Using roster information, waivers can be automatically completed and printed or emailed.


ROAM accepts credit card, cash, cheque, gift certificate rain check, other reservations, social payment such as Groupon and up to nine types you specify.

Online Functions

The addition of a few lines of HTML code to your existing website can transform it into a real-time reservation-enabled website where individuals, group leaders and agents can request information and make reservations and payments.


  • any reservation item can be booked on-line, including packages
  • any number of items  can be booked
  • availability is checked and prices are calculated using a user-specified rate
  • once the reservation has been confirmed it’s a reservation like any other reservation


  • the payment is handled as if it was made in the office
  • any number of additional payments can be taken once a reservation is made
  • the guest can pay online by credit card, gift certificate, rain cheque or social payment such as Groupon


  • easily place a ROAM-generated inquiry form on your website
  • online inquiries are merged right into your mailing list while emailing office staff

Online Liability Waiver

  • adult participants can create and sign liability waivers for themselves and any minor for whom they are responsible
  • the guest simply enters his or her name and address, selects item requiring a waiver and electronically signs the waiver
  • e-versions are sent to the guest
  • the guest can print and sign waivers to hand in upon arrival


To ensure your staff receives the best training possible, ROAM offers a variety of training methods to suit any budget.


More than a hundred free tutorials show how to operate every aspect of the system.


ROAM support staff members are available to train your employees at your place of business.

ROAM Office

Alternatively, you may want to have your staff come to ROAM’s office for training.

Remote Access

ROAM can train your employees using a remote desktop connection.


Periodically, ROAM presents free webinars. You will be given advance notice of all webinars by email.

Please refer to our Pricing page for further details on and costs of the various training methods.


Rates and Prices

  • rates can be retail rates, wholesale rates and Internet rates
  • up to 99 rates per item are permitted
  • use any number of date ranges per rate or add in special dates with their own rates
  • each rate can have prices for each day of the week
  • use up to four price classifications per day such as Adults, Youth, Unit or your preference
  • for pricing based on group size, use up to four tax/service charge codes per item, such as sales taxes, service charges and parking fees

Sales Allocation

  • each item has up to four GL (general ledger) sales codes assigned
  • dollar amounts can be fixed or a percentage
  • pre-specified amounts for included items and their GL codes
  • a package item is allocated a sales amount based upon its value to the package


  • each reservation can have up to 999 payments
  • ROAM accepts credit cards, cash, cheques, gift certificates, rain cheques, transfers from  other reservations, retail POS, and an additional nine payment types you specify


ROAM’s extensive email and follow-up marketing system is second to none. ROAM tracks all reservations, quotations, cancellations, inquiries, preferences, family members, gift certificates, rain cheques, payments, correspondence and more. Harnessing the full power of ROAM’s marketing capabilities begins with providing as much data as possible during your company’s set-up stages and when entering customer information.

Email Campaign

  • using elasticemail as the mass emailer, the process is simple: select a letter, choose your target audience, send a test and you’re done!
  • ROAM automatically uploads and manages email lists
  • results of email campaigns are retrieved and viewable in ROAM
  • bounces and ‘unsubscribes’ are handled automatically


ROAM’s follow-up system allows you to follow-up on guest inquiries, turn prospects into reservations, and communicate with group leaders and agents handling bookings.

There are two aspects to the follow-up system: streams and stages. Streams are the ways in which you communicate with guests. When someone makes an inquiry, for example, it goes into your Inquiry stream. Stages determine when and how a person is contacted and which document to send.

ROAM allows you to configure as many Streams and Stages as you like, and to set up rules that determine which Stream applies to which prospect or reservation.


ROAM’s extensive reporting system, covering operations, sales and accounting, consists of both pre-configured and user-configured reports.

User-configured reports come with a multitude of default layouts in which you can add, remove and move columns, and add subtotals, totals, filters, sorts and summaries.

All reports can be run automatically at specified times and viewed, printed and exported to CSV and PDF formats.

Other Features

  • notes can be stored by category
  • documents can be printed or emailed in HTML or PDF
  • quotes, active and cancelled reservations can all be maintained
  • quotes can be converted to active reservations and vice versa
  • guests can be placed on waiting lists

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