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Introduction The availability is the nerve center to all that is going on within your company.
See the 'Availability' tutorials
Introduction Documents in Roam are HTML files used for a specific purpose such as invoices, letters, gift certificates, etc. While Roam initially comes with these documents, you are free to add your own or edit existing documents.
See the 'Document Management' tutorials
Introduction Roam has a very sophisticated method to create, run, and save queries to extract mailing list entries and reservation data.
See the 'Data Select and Download' tutorials
Introduction Roam has a number of specific tasks not directly related to reservations.
See the 'Operational' tutorials
Introduction Every Roam user needs to have a login ID. Each login ID has an associated privilege level which determines what a user can access and which actions they can perform.
See the 'Administrative' tutorials
Introduction While Roam has many reports covering everything from day-to-day operations to sales analysis, all reports are in one of two formats. The most common format in Roam are columnar reports which present data in a standard rows and columns format. This type of report allows the user to choose which columns to show, select […]
See the 'Reports' tutorials
Introduction Most payment types require no setup, but there are a few that do. Gift Certificates can only be taken as payment provided they were created in Roam. Social payments are more than just a payment; Roam ensures that a coupon used as payment is valid, used for the correct item, and the proper price […]
See the 'Payments – Setup' tutorials
Introduction ROAM has many payment types, from cash to credit cards, Groupons to gift certificates. The following tutorials will guide you through the process of handling the various payment types.
See the 'Payments – Taking' tutorials
Introduction This series of videos concludes the section on reservations.
See the 'Reservations – How To (part 2)' tutorials
Introduction Setting up your company is the first step in a series of steps needed in order to get up and running with ROAM. Not only is basic information such as name and address recorded in the company setup, but also information such as credit card account details, default settings, online pages, and many other […]
See the 'Your Company Setup' tutorials
Introduction This series of videos covers two areas of interest: setups that need to be done prior to using the mailing; and default settings to simplify and verify new mailing list entries.
See the 'Mailing List – Setup' tutorials
Introduction This tutorial section covers how to use the mailing list. You will learn about the different features in the mailing list as well as how to search for an entry and make a new entry.
See the 'Mailing List – How To' tutorials
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